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  • What is a non-alcoholic balm?

    Non-alcoholic Bio&Balm, 200 ml is a unique original drink, a combination of medicinal herbs, fruits, sugar syrup, fructose for drinking with tea, coffee, juices or water.

  • Each balm has its own composition and combined directional effect on the body and the human system:

    1. The collection of medicinal herbs provides the body with bioflavonoids, trace elements, vitamins and causes its unique flavor.
    2. Fruits provide vitamins, microelements and give it a special taste.
    3. Sugar and fructose provide pleasant sweetness.
    * Fructose is used if sugar syrup is not desirable for certain conditions and diseases.

    Non-alcoholic balms Bio & Balm are:


    Each balm has its own unique aroma and taste, formed by herbs, fruits and sugar syrup. You can feel them immediately after opening the bottle.


    The composition of each balm is selected in such a way that the herbs and fruits that are part of it have an effect not only on individual systems, but also have a fortifying vitaminizing effect, which has a beneficial effect on the entire body.


    The compositions of herbs and fruits do not have side effects, being a source of bioflavonoids and organic compounds. However, it is necessary to apply balms in accordance with the recommendations of specialists.


    The properties and goals of balsams are part of the concept of a Healthy Lifestyle, identifying one of the links of disease prevention activities.

  • Not a drug!

    All that nature has created!